About the Ads

By June 2008, the Good Omens Lexicon had started generating enough daily traffic for us to implement ads. As the site contains large amounts of copyrighted content, we want to be absolutely clear on what we’re using the money for. The ad revenue covers part of the site’s hosting bill* and domain renewals; if we earn more than that, any excess will be donated to charity, currently the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

If you’d like to advertise with us, you can do so through Project Wonderful.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the complete breakdown of our ad revenue vs. costs over the years:

Date Withdrawal Cost Description
05-Mar-15 $60.00 30% of MediaTemple web hosting ($200.00)
04-Jan-15 $11.95 .com domain renewal
10-Dec-14 $9.95 .org domain renewal
08-Apr-14 $50.95 $1.00 Project Wonderful withdrawal fee
05-Mar-14 $60.00 30% of MediaTemple web hosting ($200.00)
03-Jan-14 $11.95 .com domain renewal
10-Dec-13 $9.95 .org domain renewal
05-Mar-13 $60.00 30% of MediaTemple web hosting ($200.00)
02-Jan-13 $9.95 .com domain purchase
10-Dec-12 $9.95 .org domain renewal
20-Apr-12 $35.82 30% of DreamHost web hosting ($119.40)
27-Dec-11 $38.51 $1.00 Project Wonderful withdrawal fee
11-Dec-11 $9.95 .org domain renewal
20-Apr-11 $35.82 30% of DreamHost web hosting ($119.40)
11-Dec-10 $9.95 .org domain renewal
20-Apr-10 $35.82 30% of DreamHost web hosting ($119.40)
24-Dec-09 $28.54 $1.00 Project Wonderful withdrawal fee
10-Dec-09 $9.95 .org domain renewal
21-Apr-09 $25.00 $1.00 Project Wonderful withdrawal fee
19-Apr-09 $35.82 30% of DreamHost web hosting ($119.40)
Totals $143.00 $420.83 = -$277.83

*The Lexicon is hosted by Linn, along with some of her other websites, so she covers the remaining 70% of the hosting bill.