About the Authors

“For those who really need to know, Terry Pratchett was born in Buckinghamshire in 1948. He has managed to avoid all the really interesting jobs authors take in order to look good in this kind of biography. In his search for a quiet life he got a job as a Press Officer with the Central Electricity Generating Board just after Three Mile Island, which shows his unerring sense of timing. Now a full-time writer, he lives in Wiltshire with his wife and a daughter. He likes people to buy him banana daquiris (he knows people don’t read author biographies, but feels this might be worth a try).

Neil Gaiman used to be a journalist, but gave it all up to write comics, which he claims are a totally valid late twentieth century art-form, and he’s even won awards for them so that’s all right. He’s 5′ 10″ tall, owns a number of black T-shirts, and although he’s not overly keen on banana daquiris, is always very flattered when appreciative fans send him money (he’s read Terry Pratchett’s biography, and, although he doubts that this will have any effect, figures what the hell). Dollars for preference, in this uncertain world.

Terry Pratchett gets up early in the mornings, Neil Gaiman early in the afternoons. [Good Omens] was created in the four or five hours every day when both of them were awake.”

– From the oft-quoted author biographies in most copies of Good Omens.

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To learn more about Neil Gaiman, read his Wikipedia article or visit his website at NeilGaiman.com