About the Lexicon

It would sound much better if the Good Omens Lexicon had some long, complicated history behind it. Unfortunately, it was nothing more spectacular than my memory failing me whilst trying to remember the description of a certain A. Crowley. I thought of the Harry Potter Lexicon, and wished there was something similar for Good Omens, whose fandom — though miniscule when compared to Harry Potter — was still large enough that I might be lucky.

After some fruitless Googling, I asked the wonderful crowd at St James Park if an equivalent to the HP Lexicon existed, and if it didn’t, if anyone would be interested in starting one.

At no point did it occur to me that it would probably be faster to get out my copy of the book and find the description myself.

Now, after months of our article writers, illustrators, coders and organisers working to make this project a reality, I think it was just as well that it didn’t. I hope you’ll agree.

Linn, December 2006

Project started: January 3rd 2006
Site launched: December 11th 2006
Articles: 37
Illustrations: 25